Review: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

After the success that was Wing Commander and Wing Commander II, Origin wanted to create something truly epic, spearing no money in the process. Wing Commander 3 also brought change to the industry and even started several trends.

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Under The Radar: Eastern Europe – Balkans

Under The Radar is back, and once again is bringing you games that might have gone under your radar. This time we will take a look at the games from Balkans, specifically Serbia and Croatia. While not developed with AAA budgets, they were developed with love and passion for video games, often on a small budget. So, let’s begin!

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Under The Radar: Eastern European Edition

The majority of games that people usually play are either from the West or Japan, but what about Eastern Europe? The term “euro-jank”, is often used when describing games from this
region, but these games are usually well-meaning, over-ambitious and buggy as hell, but the most important thing is that they try to do things differently.

In this article, the games covered will be good (possibly buggy) games, from Eastern Europe. Unlike most of the Under The Radar articles, I will try to present as many games as it’s possible.

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